Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fabulous February

The month of February started off with some banana bread baking! The kids did the whole recipe themselves, besides me getting the ingredients out and the right measuring cups. It was yummy and they were so proud! I love incorporating life skills into our homeschool days. 

Learning how to bathe sister

Working together (another life skill) to build a big train track. 

We made a car wash when we talked about transportation. 
He made a Lego restaurant complete with a menu and Lego food!

We have been learning about money, so I had them buy their snacks from me all week! They loved it and learned a ton!

PE time ✅

Emmy wasn't too thrilled to have to write her name on all of the Valentine's Day cards for her friends in our MOM'S Club

But she enjoyed the party after all! 

Story time with the girls! 

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