Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fabulous February

The month of February started off with some banana bread baking! The kids did the whole recipe themselves, besides me getting the ingredients out and the right measuring cups. It was yummy and they were so proud! I love incorporating life skills into our homeschool days. 

Learning how to bathe sister

Working together (another life skill) to build a big train track. 

We made a car wash when we talked about transportation. 
He made a Lego restaurant complete with a menu and Lego food!

We have been learning about money, so I had them buy their snacks from me all week! They loved it and learned a ton!

PE time ✅

Emmy wasn't too thrilled to have to write her name on all of the Valentine's Day cards for her friends in our MOM'S Club

But she enjoyed the party after all! 

Story time with the girls! 

March Adventures

March has brought us a lot of fun homeschooling adventures! 
Lately, Rowan has loved doing our school time at the library that just reopened. They have a nice area for us to do school work while Emmy gets to explore books, do puzzles or play on the computer. 

We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by reading classic books, going to a birthday breakfast, and having a fun lunch! 

Rowan understands the meaning of Pi now, so we of course had to celebrate Pi day 

We had fun trying to get our Scribble Bot that we built to make circles! 

Some silly leprechauns came to visit and we had fun spending the day learning about the different coins they left and rainbows! 
We love the afternoon library activities! They are always a great supplemental activity to our curriculum! 
We tested the density and acidity of different candies. 
The author of the book "Verde" came to read her book to the kids, then they got to make their own green snake. 

We went to Stem Saturday at a local college. The kids were able to participate in so many fun activities! 

The best part of baking lessons...taste testing! 
We have done lots of celebrating since this little gal turned four! 

And we of course have lots of playtime with our favorite littlest sister! 

Monday, November 3, 2014


I've been enjoying reviewing products from my free influenster box. So many fun products. 
The resource spring water tastes so refreshing and was also great to hydrate with before seeing Phish in Las Vegas! #refreshwithresource #modavoxbox 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Emmy at 2

Emmaree Joy, you are one sassy and silly little girl!! You keep us on our toes with all of dramatic girly behavior. Your passion for things is what causes so many tantrums, but I hope you never lose your determination and "go get it" attitude! We love listening to your sweet little voice singing Twinkle Twinkle or Old McDolald. You have started saying "that's unny" when you think something is funny...this could be hitting Rowan to telling a knock knock joke...When we say "that's not funny" you say "It is too Unny". This argument can go on forever. 
You love baby dolls and playing doctor. But your real passion is with art. You always ask to color and prefer using markers over crayons. You always want to "switch colors" which means give you new markers. You make little swirly circles over and over and then ask for new paper as well. You pretty much have a meltdown when I have to sign a receipt and you don't get a turn!
You are a thrill seeker. You always find the fastest slide and tallest ladder at the park. You have much less fear than your brother did at this age. You love being dunked in the pool and jumping to dada. You love all the rides at Disneyland and Legoland...the faster the better! 
Speaking of Disneyland, man do you live it! Minnie is your all time favorite, but you really like seeing all the characters as well. You do this cute little back up walk to them so you can get your picture taken. It's so hilarious!
You are a teeny tiny little gal. Maybe 20lbs on a good day. You are a great eater, you just don't eat much of anything. You love fruit, especially watermelon and apples, beans, pasta, carrots with hummus, veggie dogs, and you are always ready for a treat! 
You are a total girl when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories. You especially love to wear Rowan's shoes. You love carrying your purse around with money in it (always "2 monies"...have to have two of everything) and wearing mommys necklaces. 
You are a great sleeper and napper. However you like to be up before the sun! 
You can still fit into 9-12 month clothes and wear a size 4 shoe. 
We love you more than you will ever know. The amount of laughter and joy you bring us is unexplainable. You have taught me to have more patience and to slow down and enjoy the small things. I joke that when you're around Emmy you have to go by "Emmy time". 
Happy second birthday, sweet girl! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

1 year.

Emmaree Joy is ONE! We had a great birthday celebration at My Gym. She loved smashing her cake and playing on all the toys.
At one...
-16 lbs 10 oz (1%) 26.5 inches (1%) Super tiny girl!
-is walking everywhere
-is a drama queen. Throws her head back and screams when she's mad.
-loves music.
-is getting her molars
-isn't a picky eater, but doesn't eat much...Still nurses a lot.
-is all girl. Loves shoes, jackets, and anything with a handle that she can carry around.
-says "hi" a lot.
-wants anything her brother has.
-loves to swing
-has such a funny personality
-does the actions to "if you're happy and you know it".
-loves swimming
-loves having any type of glove on...socks, oven Mira, or snow gloves
-brings so much happiness to everyone around her.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

11 months

How is it possible she will be one next month??!!

At 11 months...
-She says "a dat" when she sees something she wants.
-says Dada appropriately
-Can take two steps before falling down
-Is very affectionate. She is constantly giving us hugs and kisses.
-Gives a high 5 when you ask her for one.
-Loves drinking water
-Tries to climb up and onto everything.
-Started classes at My Gym and loves it!
-Went to the daycare at mama's gym for the first time and only cried a little.
-She will randomly lay down and take rests on things. It's really sweet.
-Gets SO mad if you take something away from her.
-Is very dramatic
-Loves baths
-If she's crying you can wash her hands and she will usually stop.
-Is really tiny. She still fits into her 6 month stuff and size 2 shoes are a little big still.
-Gets complimented on her pretty blue eyes a lot lately...and of course her hair!
-Has eczema, but coconut oil really helps.
-Will eat anything we give her.
-Is really ticklish and has theist infectious laugh :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Emmaree 9/10 months

-is sleeping in her own bed and doesn't wake until 3 or 4 to nurse then back to sleep until 6:30ish
-cruises along furniture and walks with push toys.
-loves being the center of attention.
-screams when she doesn't get her way or your not fast enough putting food on her high chair.
-signs more.
-pretends her toys are phones and puts them up to her ear And jabbers.
-loves giving kisses. She even kisses her baby doll
-Rowan is her favorite person. She gets so excited to see him...she waves really fast and attacks him with kisses.
- gives hi-5's
-bops up and down to music.
-loves baths and tries to drink all the water.
-is a huge flirt.
-loves every fruit she's tried (real fruit, not puréed stuff), and pretty much every food as well. She eats mostly what we do and occasionally eats a pouch when I'm lazy!
-bites carpet, so weird!
- has 8 teeth. 4 up and 4 down.
-finds any crumb or speck of anything and eats it.
-is very ticklish
-went to NYC with mom and dad while Rowan stayed with my mom. She was her own attraction there! No matter where we were people just had to comment on how cute she was and her pretty hair. It was pretty funny! People would actually go get there co-workers or friends to come see her. We should have charged admission!
- the same thing happened at Disneyland!
-can climb stairs.
-loves to eat paper.
-her middle name, Joy, fits her so well. She really does bring joy to so many people!